18 to 24 November

24 November will see a third Western Hemisphere beatification this year, that of the Venerable Servant of God Maria Troncatti.  Born in Lombardy, she entered the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, one of the Salesian orders, and came to the Amazon jungle in Ecuador where she would stay into her eighties, to her death in 1969.

On to the week; it’s a light one this time.

Sunday 18 November, of course, is the Feast of S Rose Duchesne.  Born in France in 1769, she entered the Visitation nuns.  When they were suppressed in the French Revolution, she eventually entered the Society of the Sacred Heart.  This devotion was on fire in France at the time, including in Brittany.  In 1815, she was sent to Paris to open a house there, and three years later she was sent to open the first house outside of France, here in the United States, in a log cabin near St Louis, Missouri, bringing the Sacred Heart to the heart of our nation.  She would stay there to her death in 1852 and be canonized in 1988 by Bl John Paul.

Monday 19 November, the anniversary of the martyrdom in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1964 of Sister Marie Antoinette.  Born Anne Lucy Donniacuo in Manhattan in 1912, she was a sister with the Daughters of Wisdom.  She served six years in Malawi and then four in Congo — as a teacher, in an orphanage, and in a hospital — before her community was seized by rebels.  Forty-six missionaries were seized; forty-four survived.  Sr Marie Antoinette was martyred with machetes and rifle butts at the foot of a statue to the Communist leader Patrice Lumumba and her body was thrown in the river.  So far as I know, she has no open cause.

Tuesday 20 November, the anniversary of the possible martyrdom of Father William Woods in 1976 in Guatemala.  A Maryknoller from Houston, he was on the hit list of the Guatemalan military, who did not care for the preferential option for the poor.  If the suspicious plane crash in which he died was indeed engineered by them, he would be the first of thirteen priests from six countries martyred by the Guatemalan state in less than a decade.  So far as I know, he has no open cause.

Wednesday 21 November, I have no one.

Thursday 22 November, of course, is the anniversary of the repose of the only Catholic President of the United States.

Also Thursday 22 November, the repose in 1830 in Santa Clara, California, of the Servant of God Magi Catala i Guasch, or Magin Catala, a Franciscan missionary.  Born in Catalonia, he was widely honored for his virtues, miracles and prophecies.  He was one of the first people from America whose cause was opened, I believe, having had his diocesean cause opened in 1884.  That portion closed in 1910 and his writings were cleared in 1911, but the cause seems to have stalled at that point.  I suspect, were renewed interest in his cause to develop — as I understand it has — the cause would more or less have to be begun anew under the newer system.  It wouldn’t be a bad thing were that to happen, though; California has no recognized saint.

Friday 23 November and Saturday 24 November, I have nothing.

All the saints, ora pro nobis.  S Rose Duchesne, ora pro nobis.

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