16 to 22 December 2012

The round up for 16 to 22 December is inexplicably light.  Saints and Blesseds might be expected to have been moved to other parts of the year even were they to have died this close to Christmas to avoid interfering with the season, but seeing as most of the people I mention have not had specific feasts assigned them, this isn’t really an explanation.  But anyway, here we go.

There are no beatifications this week of which I am aware, though one or more decrees are expected Thursday.

Sunday 16 December, the repose in 1927 in Missouri of the Servant of God Lukas Etlin.  A Benedictine priest from Switzerland, he was known as a spiritual director and writer and was apparently well-known at one point.  He edited the magazine Tabernacle and Purgatory (still in print, but now called Spirit and Life), but perhaps more interesting is that he founded a program called Caritas.  This doesn’t appear to be connected with the organisation of that name active today.  He was motivated by the famine that struck Europe after the Armistice following the First World War; in the last decade of his life he collected and distributed about two million dollars in aid across Europe and China.  A cause for his canonization was begun, apparently decades ago, but if it is active it is not being pressed very hard.  The convent at which he was director for three and a half decades and where he decorated the chapel has no mention of him on their site and the daughterhouse that still published his magazine (in Arizona) likewise.  The Conception Abbey where he was in residence sells reproductions of some of his paintings but barely mentions who he is, and seems to sell no biography or writings.

Monday 17, Tuesday 18, Wednesday 19, Thursday 20 and Friday 21 December, I have nothing.

Saturday 22 December, the repose in New York in 1888 of the Servant of God Isaac Hecker.  A priest and a Redemptorist, he went on to found the Paulist Fathers.  Dedicated to the evangelisation of America, they are in a sense the forerunners of the New Evangelisation.  They were also the first community of priests founded in North America and have the reputation of being very American in outlook.  Today they have about a hundred members in the United States and Canada, as well as a representation in Rome.  His cause was opened in 2008 and is still at the diocesean level.

All the saints, ora pro nobis.

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