Misc. Beati of 2011

I don’t know if there are any outlying cases like Bl Gabriele Allegra, who was beatified about a decade after the necessary decree was promulgated, but the beginning of a new year seems like a good time to look back at the people who will be beatified but as yet have not been.  This post covers the people who had decrees of miracles or martyrdom promulgated in 2011 but have not yet been beatified.

Salvi Huix Miralpeix, Bishop and Oratorian, had his decree issued 27 June 2011.  He was the Bishop of Lleida and was martyred by the Spanish Republicans on 5 August 1936.  It looks like he is going to be beatified with a large number of Spanish martyrs on 27 October 2013.

Josefa Martinez Perez also had her decree of martyrdom issued 27 June 2011, along with twelve companions.  Twelve of them were Daughters of Saint Paul martyred by the Spanish Republicans:  Rosario Ciercoles Gascon, Micaela Hernan Martinez, and Maria Luisa Bermudez Ruiz on 18 August 1936; Martina Vazquez Gordo on 4 October 1936; Josefa Martinez Perez on 15 October 1936; Joaquina Rey Aguirre and Victoria Arregui Guinea on 29 October 1936; and Josefa Laborra Goyeneche, Carmen Rodriguez Banazal, Estafania Irisarri Irigaray, Maria Pilar Naldo Franco and Isidora Izquierdo Garcia on 9 December 1936.  The thirteenth, a laywoman named Dolores Broseta Bonet, was martyred with the December group.  It looks like they will be included on 27 October 2013.

Luigi Novarese had the decree recognizing the miracle for his beatification issued 19 December 2011.  An Italian priest, he founded the Apostolate of the Suffering and the Silent Workers of the Cross, organisations dedicated to serving the physically and mentally ill.  He is scheduled to be beatified 11 May 2013.  (He is 2011’s sole non-martyr still awaiting a beatification.)

Nicolo Rusca had his martyrdom decree issued 19 December 2011.  A priest martyred by Protestants in Switzerland in 1618, he is scheduled to be beatified 21 April 2013.

Antonio Sola Garriga and companions had their martyrdom decree issued 19 December 2011.  One of the martyrs was Antonio Mateo Salamero, a diocesean priest martyred 9 August 1936.  Another was the layman Jose Gorastazu Labayen, martyred with some De La Salle Brothers on 28 August 1936.  The rest were De La Salle Brothers, an Order devoted to teaching.  The Vatican’s decree said there were nineteen of them, but I have twenty names.  I’m not sure where the disconnect is, but these are the people I have:  Patricio Beobide Cendoya, martyred 3 August 1936; Antonio Sola Garriga, Celestino Ruiz Alegre, German Arribas y Arribas, Manoel Jose Sousa de Sousa, Joaquim Oliveras Puljaras, Andres Merino Bascones, Lazaro Ruiz Peral, Graciliano Ortega Narganes, Teodoro Perez Gomez, and Evencio Castellanos Lopez, martyred with Jose Gorastazu Labayen on 28 August 1936; Maximino Serrano Saiz, martyred on 8 November 1936; Juan Antonio de Bengoa Larrinaga, martyred on 27 November 1936; and Manuel Miguel Sanchez, Lorenzo Ontanon Rey, Vincente Angulo Garcia, Saturnino Sanz y Sanz, Emiliano Santamaria Angulo, Gregorio Alvarez Fernandez, Martin Arbe Barron, and Felix Redondo Olivares, martyred 30 November 1936.  They will probably be included in the 27 October 2013 ceremony.

Also 19 December 2011 saw the decree of martyrdom for Alberto Maria Marco y Aleman and eight other Carmelites with Agustin Maria Garcia Tribaldos and fifteen fellow De La Salle Brothers.  Francisco Marco Aleman, a Carmelite priest, was martyred 18 November 1936.  The other Carmelites, seminarians ranging in age from eighteen to twenty-three, were martyred together on 18 August 1936.  They were Daniel Garcia Anton, Silvano Villanueva Gonzalez, Adelberto Vincente y Vincente, Aurelio Garcia Anton, Francisco Perez y Perez, Angelo Reguilon Lobato, Nicomedes Andres Vecilla, and Jose Sanchez Rodriguez.  The sixteen De La Salle Brothers were:  Vincente Lopez y Lopez, martyred 20 July 1936; Joaquin Rodriguez Bueno, martyred 22 July 1936; Ignacio Gonzalez Calzada, martyred 24 July 1936; Eugenio Garcia Tribaldos, Guillermo Alvarez Quemada, Miguel Solas Del Val, Alejandro Gonzalez Blanco, Pablo Diaz de Zarate y Ortiz de Zarate, Juan Lanz Palanca, Luis Herrero Arnillas, and Eleuterio Mancho Lopez, martyred 3 August 1936; Alberto Jose Larrazabal Michelena and Eleuterio Angulo Ayala, martyred 30 August 1936; Pedro Bruch Cotacans, martyred 14 September 1936; Ramiro Frias Garcia, martyred 28 November 1936; and Juan Lucas Manzanares, martyred 23 February 1937.  They will probably be included in the ceremony 27 October 2013.

Finally, 19 December 2011 saw the decree of martyrdom of Mariano Alcala Perez and eighteen other Mercedarians martyred by Spanish Republicans.  These priests and brothers were:  Enric Morante Chic and Jesus Eduard Massanet Flaquer, martyred 25 July 1936; Amancio Marin Minguez, martyred 26 July 1936; Jose Trallero Lou and Jaume Codina Casellas, martyred 5 August 1936; Tomas Carbonell Miquel, martyred 7 August 1936; Francisco Gargallo Gascon and Manuel Sancho Aguilar, martyred 7 August 1936; Mariano Pino Turon, martyred 8 August 1936; Antonio Gonzalez Penin, martyred 10 August 1936; Josep Rene Prenafeta, martyred 16 August 1936; Tomas Campo Marin, Francesc Llagostera Bonet, and Serapio Sanz Iranzo, martyred 20 August 1936; Pedro Esteban Hernandez and Antonio Lahoz Gan, martyred some time in September 1936; Mariano Alcala Perez, martyred 15 September 1936; Francesc Mitja i Mitja, martyred some time in October 1936; and Lorenzo Moreno Nicolas, martyred 3 November 1936.  They are expected to be included in the ceremony 27 October 2013.

All the saints, ora pro nobis.

All the martyrs, ora pro nobis.

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