6 to 12 January 2013

The round up for six to twelve January.  There are no beatifications of which I am aware.

Sunday 6 January, aside from being the birthday of S Joan of Arc, is the feast of S Andre Bessette.  Properly speaking, he is not an American saint, but a Canadian one.  He was born, died, and served his religious years in Quebec.  He was a Holy Cross Brother, and is most remarked for his holiness, humility and advice.  For two years as a young man, though, he did live in the United States, in Rhode Island, with his sister.  They had come to America for economic reasons, seeking employment.  Pope Benedict canonized him in 2010, making him one of Canada’s newer saints.

Monday 7 January, I have nothing.

Tuesday 8 January, and anniversary of the repose in Ghana in 1996 of Patricia McAleese.  Born in Queens, she was a sister with the Presentation Sisters working in Ghana where she was killed by a machete-wielding man while in the process of trying to defend another sister.  I’m not aware of any cause for her canonization.

Wednesday 9 January, among the Breton, the anniversary of the repose of the Servant of God Pierre-Joseph Picot de Cloriviere.  Born in Saint-Malo, he was a Jesuit priest and the founder of the Society of the Daughters of the Heart of Mary.  In addition to that establishment, he was one of the prime movers in the reestablishment of the Jesuits after their suppression was revoked.  He also spent some time in prison under Napoleon, allegedly for plotting against Napoleon, but more probably because he was conducting spiritual retreats in the French villages.  His cause has been open for many decades, but it doesn’t seem to be moving quickly.

Thursday 10 January, the repose in Washington, D.C. of the Servant of God Mary Virginia Merrick.  When she was a child she had an accident while playing and was permanently paralyzed, unable even to sit up in bed unaided.  She was taken by the thought of children who had even less than she did, however.  She set out making layette sets, little blanket and clothing sets for newborns, to distribute to the poor, and this eventually matured into the Christ Child Society, a national, primarily volunteer organisation dedicated to helping poor children.  Her cause has been open less than ten years, and her organisation is in the process of gathering information about her life and encouraging interest in her cause.

Also Thursday 10 January, the repose in 2000 of Mary Ephrem Neuzil.  Originally a sister with the Sisters of the Precious Blood of Jesus, later with the Contemplative Sisters of the Indwelling Trinity, she was the visionary of Mary as Our Lady of America.  This was a personal vision, and will likely never be directly ruled upon by Rome, but the devotion to Mary as Our Lady of America has not been suppressed and continues to have adherents.  I am not aware of any cause for her canonization.

Friday 11 January and Saturday 12 January, I have nothing.

S Joan of Arc, ora pro nobis.

S Brother Andre, ora pro nobis.

All the saints, ora pro nobis.

All the martyrs, ora pro nobis.

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