3 to 9 March 2013

The round up for the week from 3 to 9 March.  There are no beatifications this week.

Sunday 3 March, the feast of S Katherine Drexel.  From Pennsylvania, she came from a well-off family.  She became a nun, founding the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament, and is best known for helping found educational institutions devoted to the African American and Native American populations of the country.  She died in 1955 and was canonized in 2000.

Also 3 March, among the Breton, the memorial of Bl Pierre-Rene Rogue.  Called the Martyr of the Eucharist, he was born in Vannes, where he died thirty-eight years later.  A Vincentian priest, when the French Republic closed the churches, the seminary in Vannes was closed, it’s head was exiled to Spain, and the legitimate Bishop of Vannes fled to Switzerland.  Fr Rogue’s parish was suppressed in April 1791; he went underground, continuing to minister to the people despite the very real threat to life and liberty.  Following the failure of the Royalist landing on the coast of Brittany, Vannes was besieged and the repression of the Church increased.  Fr Rogue was arrested carrying the viaticum to a sick person and was thrown into jail.  A little over two months later he was sentenced to death, and walked to the guillotine singing a song he’d written in jail.  He was considered a martyr immediately by the people, though the Church only formally beatified him in 1934.

Monday 4 March, among the Breton, the memorial of Mere Saint-Louis, Brittany’s most recent beata, having been beatified in May.  She saw her husband executed during the Terror and withdrew to Brittany, where she could quietly keep the Faith.  After the Revolution had finished devouring it’s young she founded the Sisters of Charity of Saint Louis of Vannes, an establishment that remains active today.

Also 4 March, the anniversary of the repose of Marie-Julie Jahenny.  A Breton, from near Nantes, she was a stigmatist, mystic and visionary.  (And Third Order Franciscan, by the way.)  Born in 1850, she died in 1941.  Among her visions was one of a great French monarch of the End Times, but I can’t speak much about it as I have just recently begun to read about her.  She is considered a saint in some quarters and her cause is said to be in the very early stages, but I’m not aware of any formal moves on her behalf.

Tuesday 5 March, among the Orthodox (specifically the Serbians), the repose of S Nikolai Velimirovic.  He is considered by the Serbs one of the greatest of their spiritual writers, with his best known work probably being the Prologue from Ochrid.  He was a Bishop in Serbia, later imprisoned in Dachau by the Nazis.  After the war, when the Communists occupied Serbia, he took refuge in the United States where he helped grow the Serbian Orthodox Church and taught in various institutions.  He died here in Pennsylvania in 1956 and was glorified by the Serbian Orthodox in 2003.

For Wednesday March 6 I have nothing.

Thursday 7 March, the anniversary of the repose in 1987 in Buffalo of David Herlihy.  In what was assumed a robbery gone wrong, he was killed by the same young men who killed Fr Bisonette.  I am not aware of any cause for his canonization.

Friday 8 March and Saturday 9 March, I have nothing.

S Katherine Drexel, ora pro nobis.

All the saints, ora pro nobis.

All the martyrs, ora pro nobis.

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