31 March to 6 April

The round up for the week of 31 March to 6 April.

First a note:  The first beatification of the year and the first of Pope Francis’s pontificate, that of the Venerable Servant of God Cristóbal de Santa Catalina, will happen Sunday 7 April.

Sunday 31 March, among the Orthodox, the feast of S Innocent of Alaska and Moscow.  A missionary across North America and Siberia from 1823 to 1868, and originator of the short-lived Western Rite, he returned to be Patriarch of Moscow from 1868 to 1879.

Monday 1 April, I have nothing.

Tuesday 2 April, the feast of S Pedro Calungsod.  Canonized just last year, he is the first saint born in the Philippines.  He accompanied Bl Diego Luis de San Vitores to Guam in the late seventeenth century.  When the priest was accused of baptizing an infant without the permission of one of the tribal leaders, one who had already had some negative influences upon him regarding the new Faith, he was murdered.  Bl Pedro died at his side trying to save him, though as a young man he could easily have fled and left his priest to his fate.  I see his message to the world today as a call to the laymen to stand by the hierarchy; we are one Church, and defense of the hierarchy is among the roles of the laity.

Wednesday 3 April, I have nothing.

Thursday 4 April, among the Breton, the memory of the martyrdom in 1945 of Daniel Bonnin.  A priest born in Loubille, he was involved with the Resistance in the Vienne area, leading to his arrest in 1942.  He was sent to a number of camps, finally dying in 1945 in Nordhausen.  I am not aware of a cause for his canonization.

Friday 5 April, the memory in 1945 in the Philippines of Hyacinth, born Antoinette Kunkel in New York.  A sister of the Maryknoll Society of Saint Dominic, she disappeared during the occupation of the island by Japanese soldiers.  I am not aware of a cause for her canonization.

Also 5 April, the feast of S Vincent Ferrer.  Valencian, he spent his last years in Brittany and died in Vannes.  He was a Dominican priest, a very moving preacher, and preached all around western Europe.  He was canonized in 1455 by Pope Callixtus III, who also ordered a posthumous retrial where S Jeanne D’Arc was vindicated.

Saturday 6 April, the anniversary of the repose in 1981 in Los Angeles of Aloysius Ellacuria.  A Claretian priest and a Basque, he has a reputation of being a wonderworker.  He is considered a saint by many with whom he came into contact, but so far as I know there is no formal cause for his canonization.

S Pedro Calungsod, ora pro nobis.

S Vincent Ferrer, ora pro nobis.

All the saints, ora pro nobis.

All the martyrs, ora pro nobis.

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