19 to 25 May 2013

The round up for 19 to 25 May 2013.

Saturday 25 May will see the beatification of Fr Puglisi, martyred for his challenge to the Mafia.  He is the first modern martyr recognized as such for his stand for Catholic values rather than due to the hatred for the Church of his killers.

Sunday 19 May, of particular interest to the Breton, the feast of S Yves Helory.  A priest and Third Order Franciscan, he was noted for his attention to the people.  He preached in Breton and used his training, skills and connections to try to help the common people of Brittany.  In 1347 he became the first canonized saint to have been born in Brittany.

Monday 20 May, in 1582 in New Mexico, the martyrdom of Augustin Rodriguez.  A companion of Fr Francisco Lopez (12 May), he was a Franciscan brother.  He retrieved the body of his martyred companion and buried it where he believed it was safe, but he was then set up and killed by Tiguex in his turn.  I am not aware of a cause for his canonization.

Tuesday 21 May, the anniversary in 1996 in Algeria of the martyrdom of the Trappist Martyrs.  While 19 martyrs killed between 1994 and 1996 are named in the collective cause, by far the seven Trappists gunned down in their monastery in the Atlas Mountains on 21 May 1996 are the most famous.  Of the seven, two were Breton:  Brother Michel Fleury and Father Celestin Ringeard.  Their cause was formally opened in 2007 and is still in the diocesean phase.  Their story is told in the film Of Gods and Men.

Wednesday 22 May, I have nothing.

Thursday 23 May, in 1951 in North Korea, the repose of the Servant of God Emil Kapaun.  A priest from Kansas and military chaplain, he died in a POW camp after being captured by the North Koreans.  His cause has been sent to Rome, but stopped over this year in Washington when he became the fifth Catholic chaplain to be awarded the Medal of Honor.

Also 23 May, in 1873 in Missouri, the repose of Pierre-Jean de Smet.  A Jesuit priest from Belgium, he is known as the Apostle of Kansas.  Though he is known as a holy man and respected for the missionary work he did building the Church in his area, there is no open cause for his canonization of which I am aware.

Friday 24 May, the memorial of the Venerable Servant of God Maria of Jesus, known as Maria of Agreda.  This nun of the Order of the Immaculate Conception is one of the more curious cases of American holiness.  Presumably, she never physically visited the Americas, and were it just for her visionary writings alone she would be an interesting character.  There are stories, however, of the Blue Nun who preached to the indigenous peoples of the American Southwest, converting many to Catholicism before the Spanish missionaries had penetrated so far north.  Pope Clement X in 1673 apparently gave her the title Venerable, though her cause seems not to have gone anywhere in modern times.

Saturday 25 May, in 1971 in Haiti, the martyrdom of Renaud Bouffard.  A priest with the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, originally from Maine, he was murdered while serving the poor in Haiti in the ubiquitous robbery gone bad.  I am not aware of a cause for his canonization.

S Ivo of Kermartin, ora pro nobis.

All the saints, orate pro nobis.

All the martyrs, orate pro nobis.

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