7 to 13 July 2013

The round up for the week of 7 to 13 July 2013.

There are no beatifications planned for this week.

Sunday 7 July the repose in 1948 of Rhoda Wise. A visionary and a stigmatist here in America, she is credited with a miraculous healing of Mother Angelica. I don’t too much about her story, and I am not aware of a cause for her canonization.

Also 7 July, among the Orthodox Church in America, the Synaxis of the Saints of North America, specifically Ss Herman, Juvenal, Peter the Aleut, Innocent, Jacob, Alexis, Tikhon, Raphael, John Kochurov and Alexander Hotovitzky.

Monday 8 July, I have nothing.

Tuesday 9 July, the feast of the Martyrs of China. Of interest for the Breton is that two of the saints — Marie of Saint Natalie and Marie of Saint Just — were Breton. They were among the protomartyrs of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary, nine of whom were martyred during the Boxer Uprising. They were canonized in 2000.

Also 9 July, in Chicago in 1897, the repose of the Servant of God Augustine Tolton. He was the first American priest known to be African-American when he was ordained. His cause has only been open for a couple of years but it is active in the Chicago area.

Also 9 July, in Hawthorne, New York, in 1926, the repose of the Servant of God Mother Mary Alphonsa. Born Rose Hawthorne, she was the child of the famous writer Nathaniel Hawthorne. Raised a Unitarian, she and her writer husband converted to the Church well into their marriage but before his alcoholism had broken it. She went on to found the Dominican Sisters of Providence. The diocesean phase of her cause just closed earlier this year.

Wednesday 10 July and Thursday 11 July, I have nothing.

Friday 12 July, in Kenya in 1989, the martyrdom of Agnes Reinkemeyer. A nun with the Franciscan Sisters of Mary, she was praying in the health care mission she had founded when gunmen stormed in seeking money and fatally wounded her. Another sister was wounded but survived. I am not aware of a cause for her canonization.

Saturday 13 July, the repose in 1963 in Caguas, Puerto Rico, of Bl Carlos Rodriguez. He was a catechist and holy layman in Puerto Rico beatified in 2001. He is the first American layman (unless you count S Pedro Calungsod) and the first Caribbean layman to be beatified. Of particular note, his cause was not pressed by an order, but the main impetus came from laypeople who had been impressed with his sanctity. As such, he is perhaps a good patron for the New Evangelization.

S Marie of Saint Natalie, ora pro nobis.

S Marie of Saint Just, ora pro nobis.

Bl Carlos, ora pro nobis.

All the saints, orate pro nobis.

All the martyrs, orate pro nobis.

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