28 July to 3 August 2013

The round up for 28 July to 3 August 2013.

There are no beatifications scheduled for this week.

Sunday 28 July, the anniversary in Guatemala in 1981 of the martyrdom of the Servant of God Stanley Francis Rother.  A secular priest from Oklahoma, he had volunteered most of his priesthood in service in Central America.  It was a time when priests were not welcome in this part of the world; ten were murdered in Guatemala in 1981 alone.  He was shot in the head in his home, presumably by individuals aligned with the state.  Remarkably, the United States has yet to produce a martyr recognized by the Church; the diocesan phase of his cause was completed in 2010.

Also 28 July, the feast of S Samson of Dol.  Originally from Wales, he was a monk and Bishop and one of the seven founder saints of Brittany.  He is associated with the founding of the Diocese of Dol, currently part of Rennes.

Monday 29 July, the memorial of the repose of the Venerable Servant of God Nelson Baker.  A priest from Buffalo, New York, his life is one of those which could make a novel.  Son of immigrants, he fought for the Union in the War Between the States, became a businessman, and on a trip through Europe was so struck by Our Lady of Victories as a seminarian, it informed his spirituality on his return.  He was known as the Padre to the Poor and was involved in social work.  Pope Benedict declared him Venerable in 2011.

Also 29 July, in 2007 in Mexico City, the repose of Ricardo Junious, of whom AsiaNews.it says “age 70, a Catholic priest of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate, born in Chicago, in the United States, but who had lived in Mexico City for years, was found dead on July 29 in the rectory of the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, in the San Rafael neighbourhood, with signs of torture and strangulation. He was very dedicated to helping the young victims of alcoholism and drugs.”  I am not aware of a cause for his canonization.

Also 29 July, the feast of S William Pinchon.  Bishop of Saint-Brieuc, in 1247 he became the first native-born Breton to be officially canonized.

Tuesday 30 July, I have nothing.

Wednesday 31 July, the repose in 1957 in Detroit of the Venerable Servant of God Solanus Casey.  A Capuchin priest from Wisconsin, he is esteemed for his personal holiness, but also as a wonderworker.  S John Paul declared him Venerable in 1995.  At least one miracle already has been sent to Rome; with his reputation for miracles, one would suspect his beatification is more a matter of paperwork and time than of doubt.

Also 31 July, the anniversary of the repose in Detroit in 1995 of Donald Clark.  Also from Detroit, when he was ordained in 1964 he became Detroit’s first Black priest.  He helped found the National Black Catholic Caucus and was active in Black Catholic issues.  The circumstances of his death are suspicious, and I am not aware of a cause for his canonization.

Also 31 July, the repose in 1956 of John Francis Noll.  Archbishop of Fort Wayne, Indiana, he is best known for establishing Our Sunday Visitor press.  He is also remembered for his writings and for his opposition to anti-Catholic agitators.  I am not aware of a cause for his canonization.

Thursday 1 August, the memory of the Martyrs of Duffy’s Cut.  The exact date of the massacre is unknown, but it was probably sometime in August 1832.  The exact cause is also unknown, but was probably a combination of class-based (they were poor workers), race-based (they were Irish), and religion based (they were Catholic) prejudice.  Fifty-seven were killed in or near Duffy’s Cut, Pennsylvania, claimed to be the victims of disease but, unless this disease had bullet holes as a symptom, it was a massacre.  There is no cause for their canonization and the lack of information probably means there never will be, but it is a good time to remember the victims of prejudice in nineteenth century America.  They were killed for being poor Irish Catholics, and their murderers got away with it because they were poor Irish Catholics.

Friday 2 August, in New Mexico in 1631, the memory of the martyrdom of Pedro de Ortega.  The exact date of his death is unknown.  A Franciscan priest, he is believed to have been poisoned.  I am not aware of a cause for his canonization.

Also 2 August, in Colma, California, in 1921, the martyrdom of Patrick Heslin.  A priest, he was lured from his home by someone claiming there was a sick person in need of the Sacrament.  He was murdered because he was Catholic.  I am not aware of a cause for his canonization.

Sunday 3 August, I have nothing.

S Samson of Dol, ora pro nobis.

S William Pinchon, ora pro nobis.

All the saints, orate pro nobis.

All the martyrs, orate pro nobis.

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