15 to 21 December 2013

The round up for 15 to 21 December.

There are no beatifications scheduled for this week.

Sunday 15 December, the memorial of Bl Mary Frances Schervier.  German foundress of the Poor Sisters of Saint Francis, she is listed in some of the earlier books of American saints because she did visit America twice, founding houses for her new order and assisting the sick.  As these trips totaled about seven months, more recent books tend to omit her.  She was beatified in 1974 and a miracle proposed for her canonization has completed the diocesan phase.

Also 15 December, of interest to the Breton, the memorial of Bl Yann Divotou.  Also known as Jean Discalceat, or “Shoeless John”, he was a Franciscan priest well loved for his piety and service to the poor.  Living and dying in the end of the thirteenth and beginning of the fourteenth centuries in Brittany, he was revered as a saint by the local people for centuries before Rome finally got around to officially confirming his cult in 1989.

Also 15 December, of interest to Argentina, the repose of the Venerable Servant of God Jose Leon Torres.

Monday 16 December, in 1927 in Missouri, the repose of the Servant of God Lukas Etlin.  A Benedictine priest, originally from Switzerland, he was something of a major figure in the early twentieth century.  Some of his artwork can still be seen in the Conception Monastery where he lived, and he ran a rather large aid program for the poor between the wars.  A cause for his canonization was opened in the early twentieth century but, for whatever reason, it has fallen dormant.

Also 16 December, of interest to Mexico, the repose of the Venerable Servant of God Dolores Medina Zepeda.

Tuesday 17 December, Wednesday 18 December, Thursday 19 December, Friday 20 December and Saturday 21 December, I have nothing.

All the saints, orate pro nobis.

All the martyrs, orate pro nobis.

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