7 to 13 September 2014

The round up for 7 to 13 September 2014.

There are no beatifications scheduled for this week.

Sunday 7 September, of interest in Papua New Guinea, the memorial of the Blessed Giovanni Battista Mazzucconi.

Monday 8 September, I have nothing.

Tuesday 9 September, in 1672 in Florence, the repose of Francois-Joseph Bressani.  An Italian Jesuit, he served in the North American missions.  Like the North American Martyrs, he was captured and tortured on the New York-Quebec border.  He was ransomed and returned to Europe.  I am not aware of a cause for his canonization.

Also 9 September, of interest to the Breton, the death in 1944 of Robert Ricard.  A Jesuit from Paris, he died while in service to the people we would call internally displaced today, who were living in an air raid shelter in Finistere which underwent a horrible, accidental explosion, set off by explosives the Nazis had stored among the refugees.  I am not aware of a cause for his canonization.

Also 9 September, also of interest to the Breton, the death in 1944 of Jean Colle.  A Breton layman, he was killed in the same explosion as that above, where he was working as a medic.  As I recall, his sister, who was serving as a nurse, died in the same tragedy, but I don’t have her name, nor the names of the hundreds of other civilians who died in the explosion.  (Six German soldiers also died.)  I am not aware of a cause for his or their canonization.

Also 9 September, of particular interest in Colombia, the feast of S Peter Claver.

Wednesday 10 September, the memorial of Carlo Spinola, one of the Blessed Martyrs of Japan.  A Jesuit priest from Prague who died in Nagasaki in 1622, he is not properly speaking an American saint.  He was at one point, however, shipwrecked in Puerto Rico and took that opportunity to explore the island.  He was beatified in 1867.

Also 10 September, in New Mexico in 1581, the death of Juan de Santa Maria.  A Franciscan priest, he was attacked and killed by Native Americans while he was on his way back to Mexico to seek more missionaries to serve in the Southwest.  I am not aware of a cause for his canonization.

Also 10 September, the memory of the Martyrs of the San Patricio Brigade.  On 10 and 13 September, 1847, in three locations in Mexico, the American occupation executed as deserters about fifty men who had left the American military to join the Mexican military, fighting under the banners of S Patrick and Our Lady.  I am not aware of a cause for their canonization.

Also 10 September, of interest in Mexico, the memorial of the following three Blessed Martyrs of Japan, with Mexican connections:  Pedro of Avila, Vincente Ramirez of Saint Joseph, and Richard of Saint Anne.

Thursday 11 September, in 1985 in Belleville, Illinois, the repose of the Servant of God John Maronic.  An American priest of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, he is best known for founding the Victorious Missionaries, specially devoted to serving the chronically ill.  His cause seems to be moving slowly.

Also 11 September, the memorial of the death of Nicholas Foucault.  He probably died in July in 1702 in Mississippi, but the date is uncertain.  He served among the Arkansas for about two years before being killed by his guides.  It is thought he was killed because of Native opposition to his teaching.  I am not aware of a cause for his canonization.

Also 11 September, in 2001 in New York, the death of Mychal Judge.  A Franciscan priest from New York, he was chaplain to the Fire Department and known for his ministry to the marginalized of the city.  He died helping direct assistance during the attacks on the World Trade Center and was registered as victim number one.  He was quickly popularly recognized as a saint, though so far as I know no official cause has yet been opened.

Also 11 September, also in New York in 2001, the death of Francis E. Grogan.  A priest with the Congregation of the Sacred Cross, he was on Flight 175 which hit the South Tower.  I am not aware of a cause for his canonization.

Friday 12 September, in 1919 in Hong Kong, the repose of the Servant of God Thomas Frederick Price.  A priest from North Carolina, he cofounded the Maryknoll Missionaries.  He was serving in the mission in Hong Kong when he died.  His cause was officially opened in 2012.

Also 12 September, in 1877 in Frederick, Maryland, the repose of John McElroy.  A Jesuit from Ireland, he was one of the first two official Catholic American chaplains, serving during the Mexican-American War.  Later he helped found Boston College.  I am not aware of a cause for his canonization.

Also 12 September, of particular interest in Chile, the repose of the Venerable Servant of God Pietro of the Nativity.

Saturday 13 September, in 1597 in Georgia, the deaths of the Martyrs of Georgia:  the Servants of God Pedro de Corpa, Blas de Rodriguez, Miguel de Anon, Antonio de Badajoz, and Francisco de Berascola.  All were Franciscans, though Antonio was not a priest, and all were from Spain.  They had been having some success as missionaries in what is now Georgia until their opposition to polygamy led to their falling out of favor and martyrdom.  Their cause went to Rome in 2010.

Also 13 September, in 2012 in Albany, New York, the repose of Mary Rose McGeady.  A sister with the Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul, she was the second president of Covenant House, serving from 1990 to 2003 and helping save it from the fallout following the resignation of its founder.  I am not aware of a cause for her canonization.

S Peter Claver, ora pro nobis.

All the saints, orate pro nobis.

All the martyrs, orate pro nobis.

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