14 to 20 December 2014

The round up for 14 to 20 December 2014.

There are no beatifications scheduled for this week.

Sunday 14 December, in 1941 in China, the killing of Robert Cairns.  Born in Scotland, he grew up in Massachusetts before becoming a Maryknoll priest.  He went to China in 1920.  After the Japanese invasion, he was abducted by Japanese soldiers and martyred.  I am not aware of a cause for his canonization.

Also 14 December, in 1997 in Nepal, the killing of Thomas Edward Gafney.  A Jesuit priest from Ohio, he effectively introduced social work to Nepal, working with the cripped, blind and addicted.  It was in the last that he ran afoul of some of the elites.  He was beheaded, and it is believed to have been by government enforcers, though I don’t think anyone was ever prosecuted for the killing.  I am not aware of a cause for his canonization.

Also 14 December, of interest to the Breton, in 1985 in Brazil, the repose of the Servant of God Alano Maria.  Born in Brittany, formerly known as Alain-Marie du Noday, this Dominican priest and then Bishop, born of a noble family, entered the priesthood following his service in the First World War.  He was Bishop of Porto Nacional in Brazil from 1936 to 1976, when he resigned his see and returned to life as a parish priest.  The cause for his canonization was introduced soon after his death, but remains in the early stages.

Monday 15 December, the memorial of Bl Mary Frances Schervier.  (She died the previous day, on 14 December 1876.)  Born in Germany, this foundress of the Poor Sisters of Saint Francis spent a total of about two years in the United States during the time around the War Between the States, founding houses and ministering to the wounded.  For this service, she has sometimes been counted as an American Blessed.  She was beatified in 1974.

Also 15 December, of interest to the Breton, in 1349 in Quimper, the repose of Bl Yann Divotou.  A Franciscan priest, born not far from Quimper, he was known for his impressive devotion to the poor and embrace of Franciscan radical poverty.  The Breton know him as Santig Du, the Black Saint, because he didn’t own so much as shoes.  The French knew him as Jean Discalceat or Jean le Dechausse, Shoeless John, for the same reason.  He has been considered a saint for centuries, but Rome only confirmed his cult in 1989.

Also 15 December, of interest in Argentine, the repose of the Venerable Servant of God Jose Leon Torres.

Tuesday 16 December, in 1927 in Missouri, the repose of the Servant of God Lukas Etlin.  A Swiss Benedictine priest, he was fairly well known for his charity work and for his writings during his life and acclaimed as a saint after his death, but his cause seems to have gone somewhat dormant.

Also 16 December, of interest in Mexico, the repose of the Venerable Servant of God Maria Dolores of the Wound on the Side of Christ.

Wednesday 17, Thursday 18, Friday 19, and Saturday 20 December, I have nothing.

All the saints, orate pro nobis.

All the martyrs, orate pro nobis.

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