25 to 31 January 2015

The round up for 25 to 31 January 2015.

There are no beatifications scheduled for this week.

Sunday 25 January, in 1704 in and around Tallahassee, Florida, the killings of Juan Parga Arraiyo, Antonio Enixa, Amador Cuipa Feliciano, Manuel de Mendoza, Domingo Criado, Tibucio de Osorio, Augustin Ponce de Leon, Marcus Delgado, Juan Ruiz Mejia, and Angel Miranda.  Franciscan priests and brothers, as well as laymen, they were killed during Apalachee Massacre, a series of raids by British settlers from the then-province of Carolina against the Apalachee people and the Spaniards who lived and worked among them.  I am not aware of a cause for their canonization.

Also 25 January, of interest to the Orthodox, the Synaxis of All New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia, those who suffered under the Communist yoke.  Of interest to Americans are Ss Tikhon of Moscow, Alexander Hotovitzky, John Kochurov, and Seraphim of Uglich.

Monday 26 January, in 1689 in New Mexico, the killing of Manuel Beltran.  A Franciscan priest, the dates of his death seem unclear.  He is said to have been killed by Tanos in New Mexico, but as a Franciscan priest of the same name was killed during the destruction of his church in Janos just over the border on 6 May 1684, it is possible the otherwise-unattested Manuel Beltran killed in 1683 or 1689 was an error.  In either case, I am not aware of a cause for his canonization.

Also 26 January, of interest in Argentina, the memorial of Blessed Jose Gabriel del Rosario Brochero.

Tuesday 27 January, I have nothing.

Wednesday 28 January, in 2007 in Washington, D.C., the repose of Robert Drinan.  A Jesuit priest from Boston, he was the first priest to serve as a voting member of the U.S. House of Representatives.  And, curiously, the last.  (There was another priest, but he was both elected and lost reelection while Drinan was in office.)  He resigned his position when S John Paul called on priests to leave elected office, and spent the rest of his life in academia.  I am not aware of a cause for his canonization.

Also 28 January, of interest to the Breton, in 1683, the repose of Blessed Julien Maunoir.  A Jesuit priest, he is best known for his role in the religious reawakening in Brittany in the seventeenth century.  He was beatified in 1951.

Also 28 January, also of interest to the Breton, in 1908 in Paris the repose of the Servant of God Francois-Marie-Benjamin Richard de la Vergne.  Born in Nantes, he was the Cardinal Archbishop of Paris, serving in that see from 1875 to 1908.  He is remembered not only for standing up for the rights of the Church in the face of an oppressive state, but also for his hagiographical writings.  His cause was opened not long after his death, but seems to have been dormant since the early XXth century.

Also 28 January, the feast of Blessed Charlemagne, the first Holy Roman Emperor, regarded as a saint not long after his death and with his cult confirmed by Rome during the papacy of Benedict XIV.

Also 28 January, of interest in Argentina, the repose of the Venerable Servant of God Leonor Lopez de Maturana Ortizde Zarate.

Thursday 29 January, of interest to the Breton, the feast of S Gildas the Wise.  A writer and a teacher linked to many of the other sixth century saints of Brittany, I am not aware that his cult has ever been confirmed by Rome.

Also 29 January, also of interest to the Breton, in 2009 in India the repose of Francois Guezou.  A Salesian priest born in Brittany, he spent many decades serving among the Indian people.  He was respected when he died, but I am not aware of a cause for his canonization.

Friday 30 January, in 1978 in Massachusetts, the repose of Leonard Edward Feeney.  A priest and a former Jesuit, he was associated with a teaching known as “Feeneyism”, an extreme form of the belief that outside the Church there is no salvation, that brought him and some of his followers into conflict with the Church.  He appears to have been excommunicated but later reconciled with the Church.  I am not aware of a cause for his canonization.

Also 30 January, the execution of King Charles I of England.  He is the only person canonized by the Anglican church since the Reformation, though he does not appear on the Ordinariate’s calendar.

Saturday 31 January, the death of King Charles III of England, the uncrowned king known as the Young Pretender and Bonnie Prince Charlie, the last of his line to actively seek the throne.  Though he was a Catholic, and lies buried in Saint Peter’s Cathedral in Rome, I am aware of no cause for his canonization.

Also 31 January, of interest in Venezuela, the memorial of Blessed Susana Paz-Castillo Ramirez.

S Gildas the Sage, ora pro nobis.

All the saints, orate pro nobis.

All the martyrs, orate pro nobis.

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